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8/9/2017 · Audio Technica ATH-IM02 vs. ATH-LS200 Comparison Review lachlanlikesathing Loading Unsubscribe from lachlanlikesathing? Cancel Unsubscribe Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 63K

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27/7/2017 · Audio Technica ATH-LS200 / LS300 / LS400 Quick Comparison lachlanlikesathing Loading Unsubscribe from lachlanlikesathing? Cancel Unsubscribe Working

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自從6年前買的ckm77線斷了就一直在物色新耳機,不過耳朵被鐵三角毒了6年就先往鐵三 角 找了 不過版上關於鐵三角耳道的開箱文比較少,預算5k挑了im02、e50、ls70、focal sphear ,就去耳機店試聽了 跟店員講了一下需求,聽了幾隻耳機,店員就直接推鐵三角

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9/11/2017 · The Audio-Technica ATH-LS200 is a successor to the ATH-IM02 of the IM series. It features the same amount of balanced armature as the IM02 (2 drivers), but with a new manufacturer and a “second

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vs HD600 Very similar here. I’ll just note that the LS200is’ mids are slightttly more recessed in comparison which some might prefer as the HD600 was noted to be too mid-forward for some. I think both are brilliant. vs SE535 Very similar again. The SE535 was

Top responsesEdit: Restructured for ease of reading. Recently switched from an SE535 to the LS200is and thought I’d share some impressions after a  read more10 votesI have these and I love them!4 votesI recently just got these and I love them! But I’m not a fan of the stock tips. Which third-party eartips would you recommend?2 votesI have these and I love them!2 votesIm thinking of buying this pair of IEMs! Do u think the bluetooth wireless extender is worth it too?2 votesThanks for your review. What is your source driving them? All of the sources I tried with the IM02 results in some hiss. Was wondering if these are just as sensitive?2 votes查看全部

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29/1/2017 · 그럼 ATH-LS200iS에 대해 자세히 알아보도록 하겠습니다. (참고로 모델명에 붙은 iS는 리모트 버전 겸 해외 발매용 코드라고 합니다. 일본 현지에는 리모트 마이크가 빠진 ATH-LS200

29/1/2017 · ATH-LS200iS의 일본 버전인 ATH-LS200의 일본 가격은 2만 천 엔대인데 국내 가격은 37만 4천 원으로 가격이 10만 원 이상 뻥튀기되었습니다. 해외 직구를 해서 국제 배송비와 관세를 내도 10만 원 정도 아낄 수 있는 가격이라 수입사의 가격 정책이 많이 다만

17/2/2020 · 包裝背面,有耳機既內部構造說明同圖解,重有LS200 裡面所使用既單元介紹。 耳機正身,LS200隻半透明酒紅色實物又幾靚喎。 保用證同說明書驗明正身,下面重有耳機收納盒。 全家幅,全部既配

The ATH-LS200iS is equipped with a newly developed Dual Balanced Armature Driver designed exclusively for the LS series consists of one super tweeter and one full range drivers that combine the resolution of sound and richness in volume.

The LS200iS feels like an evolution of the IM02 in almost every way. We like the IM02’s see-through gray housings, but we love the LS200iS’ new red housing, which lets us clearly see its dual balanced armature driver configuration and delicate internal wiring. The

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ATH-LS200iS in-ear headphones deliver amazingly clear, well-balanced audio. The armature drivers combine both a super tweeter driver and a full-range driver to produce extended high frequencies along with fully fleshed tones in the mid to low

Audio-Technica ATH-LS200iS In-Ear Dual Armature Driver Headphones with In-line Mic & Control Featuring dual balanced armature drivers specially designed for the LS ‘Live Sound’ Series, the ATH-LS200iS in-ear headphones deliver amazingly clear, well


21/9/2017 · Personally I preferred the older IM02 to the new LS200. There’s a slight upper midrange bump in the LS200 that makes it a little too intense for me. Either that, or I’m so used to the sound of the IM02 that I’d need time to swallow the LS200’s signature.

ATH-LS200 搭載新開發的兩組平衡電樞單體,超高音 x 1 + 全音域 x 1,採用專門設計的二路分音電路,再加上不鏽鋼與樹脂混合材質的出音導管,特別將超高音單體同軸排列,強化高頻特性,實現各頻段的


시원하고 탁 트인 음색을 지녔기 때문에 본인이 ER4S나 IM-02(LS200)같은 선명한 음색과 맑고 밝은 성향을 좋아하고, 여보컬이나 중고음역대의 악기들이 위주가 된 음악을 들으면서 고음 종결자를 찾고있다면 바로 이 헤드폰으로 종결이 가능할 정도.

我目前手上有ATH-IM03 ATH-LS300 SE-535 LTD 三副都是3單體的耳道 SE-535 LTD就不描述了 這邊單純以IM03去跟LS300做比較 以聲音來比較: IM03人聲相當嘹亮 也有還算可以的低音 音場分離度也是我可以接受的範圍 因為我滿喜歡IM03的聲音 所以

PICTURE Introduction: I recently had the chance to listen to the ATH-LS200 dual BA IEM for a few hours which was released in Japan at the end of last year. It is a replacement for the very popular ATH-IM02 and also uses a combination of a full-range and a high-frequency BA driver.

From memory, I found the Massdrop Plus to have good detail and wider sound stage than the LS200iS. Overall I found the Audio Technica LS200iS to be a very good sounding in-ear monitor product that had a good natural clean sound, but also missing a little bit

คร งน จะเป นห ฟ ง Audio-Technica LS200IS เป นห ฟ ง in-ear ม น ำหน กประมาณ 6 กร ม แต ร นน ได ม การปร บเปล ยนร ปแบบของต วห ฟ งให ม เหล ยม ม ม ม ด แล วร ส กว าม ความท นสม ยกว าร นก อน ๆ

Editor’s Note: This overview of the Audio-Technica ATH-LS200 is based off multiple listening sessions at headphone stores and shows, without sustained personal time with the product. Thus, it should not be regarded as a full review — in fact, our entire ‘Thoughts

Soundstage is larger on the P1s, but the LS200iS offer more in terms of clarity. Comfort and Isolation: The SE215s take the cake when it comes to isolation. They just isolate a lot more than the LS200. I’m using the largest tips on the LS200is and medium tips

7/12/2016 · 900-1800元價位的耳機出現兩連個金獎DYNAMIC MOTION DM200H和鐵三角AUDIO-TECHNICAATH-LS200目前國內鋪貨不多.索尼新品XBA-N1也獲獎啦!這個榜單中,BOSE的BoseSoundTrue Ultra 耳塞式耳機也上榜了,有很多朋友會比較喜歡BOSE的低音。

Audio Technica ATH-LS200iS and ATH-LS300iS In-Ear Headphones – Two Different Worlds from Audio46.com. Headphone reviews, news, buying guides and more. Get headphone buying advice from the audio professionals at Audio46.

ls200和ls200is有什么区别 匿名用户 2017-09-19 展开全部 ATH-LS200还是有点儿与ATH-IM02类似的偏“ACG清亮女声”调音风格~ATH-IM03则更均衡些! 已赞过 已踩过 你 中关村在线(ZOL.COM.CN)提供铁三角ATH-LS200iS耳机最新报价,同时包括铁三角ATH

Review of Audio Technica LS70is and LS200is Hey everyone, today I am going to discuss the two of the lower to mid level options from AT’s new LS series of iem’s. As a disclaimer AT did send me these two units along with the HDC313A and HDC323A cables (I can’t hear a difference between the two, sorry I suck) to attempt to review and to allow others to try out at the upcoming KC headfi meet.

試聽朋友的過覺得可以接受 結果各大網站幾乎都換成新版的LS系列 IM02的新款LS200價位多了不少 批踢踢實業坊 › 看板 Headphone 關於我們 聯絡資訊 返回看板 作者 actuame (ACT) 看板 Headphone 標題 [問題] 鐵三角IM和LS系列? 時間

ATH-LS200 vs kxxs 중에 뭐가 더 좋나요? 제가 주로 여자보컬이 위주인 밴드음악 j팝 같은 씹덕노래들을 듣는데 어떤 게 좋을까요? 주로 씹덕노래엔 저 둘이 많이 나와서 여쭤봅니다 혹시 이거 말고 더 좋은 이어폰이 있다면 또 뭐 있을까요?

Review và đánh giá sản phẩm ATH-LS200iS Tại CES2017 vừa qua, Audio-Technica giới thiệu dòng tai nghe in ear mới với tên gọi LS series. Dòng tai nghe này bao gồm các mẫu in-ear LS50, LS70, LS200


오디오테크니카는 1962년 도쿄 신주쿠구에서 마츠시타 히데오가 설립한 회사다.원래는 턴테이블의 카트리지 [3] 제조 회사로 출발한 회사이다. 세계 최초로 Stage-of-art Phono Catridge를 출시했던 회사로, 이후에는 사업을 확장해서 마이크, 이어폰, 헤드폰, 무선 체계, 턴테이블, 믹서 및 전자 제품 등을

VS 缺点 控制没有用? 重量体积大,戴久比较累 1 购买理由 2018年4月19日 楼主买东西向来没啥计划性,经常从一个坑跳到另外一个坑,这次又莫名其妙的跳进耳机坑,之前还几年前买过铁三角的M50(入坑论坛的时候和tascam 100Ⅱ一起美亚黑五买的),后面


PCCITY ATH-LS400 ATH-LS300 ATH-LS200 ATH-LS50 ATH-LS70 ATH-E40 ATH-E50 ATH-E70 ヘッドホン 対応用 ケーブル ヘッドフォン リケーブル (マイクなし(No Mic))がリケーブルストアでいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。アマゾン配送


[시승기] 기아차의 미래형 세단..K5 1.6 터보 vs. 2.0 가솔린 데일리카 [LA오토쇼] 폭스바겐 아틀라스, 토요타 수프라 출시예정 신차 모아보기(2) 동영상 있음 카랩 새해에 설치하면 좋을 앱 5가지 (3) 동영상 있음 톡써니 넷플릭스 ‘위쳐’ 설정 변경된 인물들 정리 (4)

11/4/2018 · In-Ear Quad Armature Driver Headphones with In-line Mic & Control Featuring quad balanced armature drivers specially designed for the LS ‘Live Sound’ Series, the ATH-LS400iS in-ear headphones deliver clear, immersive audio with full, powerful bass.


Creative In-Ear 3 vs ATH-IM02 Submitted by gemmoglock on November 7, 2016 – 8:03pm Thanks ljokerl! Looking forward to you guys reviewing the E40. I’m very curious how it will versus the LS70 or even LS200 versus the IM02 since they’ve just been released

Audio-Technica designs and manufactures the widest range of high-performance microphones, quality headphones, turntables and other audio products. The ATH-LS200iS is equipped with a newly developed Dual Balanced Armature Driver

歡迎前來淘寶網實力旺鋪,選購【艾瑞克】A2DC轉MMCX轉換頭 適用CKR100/90 E40 E50 E70藍牙轉接,該商品由艾瑞克電子店鋪提供,有問題可以直接諮詢商家


30/3/2017 · Ordered these headphones about a month ago, was doing a lot of research as to which IEM’s I should go with as my first pair. The IM70 came up a few times, and I saw that there was a new model out in Japan. Nice! I had a chance to try out the LS70, but preferred

2/3/2018 · I agree I tried them both but liked e70 better. Imho, mp3 forgiveness is a weakness when it comes to superior sound. That’s because inevitably, if something is so forgiving it won’t sound dramatically better with high end equipment. It is a benefit when listening to

11/1/2014 · audio-technica-ath-im02-balanced-amature-inner-earphone Overview Reviews (6) Gallery General Information From low frequency to Medium and high range, this play the whole sound vividly BA headphones you can listen to firm monitor sound. Reactions: abcray


My Best IEM so far. Its sound is amazing, I love it more than Shure SE425. I was worried about comfortable because the body is so big than others IEM in market but when I wear it, it is so comfortable and lightweight and big body is easy to grab and adjust it in


耳听为实 选耳机 耳听为实

以下試聽都以這首歌為基準 訊源: PC/Iphone 7 有一隻M50X還有一隻紅蜻蜓 希望是找到直推就有好聲音 紅蜻蜓是加分效果 可能試聽太多被店員關心還點不好意思(不過可能我誤會他) 已試聽過的名單 ATH-IM02(朋友的) ATH-LS200 ATH-e50 Westone-um pro 20 Westone-W30